Jaimen McMillan

JaimenJaimen McMillan has been giving workshops on the subjects of Leadership, Learning, and Lecturing for businesses and organizations for over 25 years on four continents.

A world-class fencer, he developed the discipline of Spacial Dynamics® out of a life long study of the principles of mastery. The resulting exercises and group activities have successfully served to heighten personal change, support teamwork and enhance organizational achievement.

Spacial Dynamic’s unique contribution lies in the vibrant use of movement and objective spatial relationships to enhance the silent languages that every leader must speak: the posture of presence and the flexibility of form. McMillan’s trainings teach the techniques of dynamic leadership: maintaining his/ her own space with balance and focus, while creating a respectful space for others to engage and contribute.

“Jaimen McMillan’s presentation at our TEC Canada executive leadership meeting was an experience we are still talking about. I personally have found that using these ideas in our bakeries has created a more positive and productive work space. Practicing the techniques from his dynamic leadership workshop has given our managers more effective tools to use in leadership situations.”

Michael Lansky, President & CEO, Terra Breads, Vancouver Canada