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    It is not enough to lead. An effective leader must enable others to follow. An overlooked element in business leadership is the skillful use of space. Space is far more than the distance that separates; it can also be used to connect.

    Bringing people into the same room does not guarantee that a “meeting” will take place. There are, however, dynamic methods to create spaces for many types of meetings.

    Learning to apply Spacial Dynamics® in Leadership has proven to decrease stress by giving management new insights and practical tools to bridge differences, foster communication, and build teamwork; enhanced creativity in personal and organizational performance will follow.

    A differentiated use of space improves relationships by transforming rigid frameworks into paradigms of possibility.  When leaders learn to follow objective principles of Spacial Dynamics® in their business interactions, others will follow their lead.

    Spacial Dynamics® director Jaimen McMillan greets Chris Faber, manager of the Swiss Hotel La Val, premiere partner of  Spacial Dynamics in Hotels.

    ” I must say that the presentation greatly exceeded my expectations.  Jaimen McMillan is an outstanding speaker and an engaging teacher who tailored his presentation to each individual, as well as to our group as a whole.”  - Chris Faber


Team Building

Positive group dynamics have everything to do with whether an organization is successful or not. Spacial Dynamics® can help build healthy relationships through movement. The team that can move together, can move ahead together!



Effective communication is essential in all areas of our lives. Spacial Dynamics® can help us engage with others in new ways which support both clear expression and listening from a place of objectivity.


Personal Presence

Spacial Dynamics® offers a new understanding of managing stress and avoiding exhaustion. Using our personal space we can choose how we meet what's coming towards us resulting in enhanced presence and increased energy levels.

Spacial Dynamics Institute

The Spacial Dynamics Institute, founded by Jaimen McMillan, is the international training organization for the discipline of Spacial Dynamics®. With its international headquarters on the Hudson River in upstate New York, it offers programs across the United States, Canada, Europe and South America.